All In A Days Work!

In Angole, New York, Lori saved the lives of students just by being aware.

At a routine drop-off, she stopped, checked her surroundings, and after making sure it was safe she opened her door to let the students off. Just before the students left the bus, Lori noticed an oncoming vehicle and pulled her door closed. When the doors shut, an out of control vehicle skidded sideways in front of the door and across three lawns.

Parents who witnessed it were able to give the police a description of the car and a partial license plate. No news on weather or not the vehicle has been located as of yet.

Lori was presented with a certificate for her actions as well as flowers. She later said,
“It was all in a day’s work, and I am glad I could be of service.”

Well Lori, it was a good call and I’m very impressed! Such a good example on how important it is to always be aware of your surroundings. If you want to learn more about it, click the link connected to the title.

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