An Inspirational Man

Pictured above is Earl Rineer.
In Lafayette Hill, Pa, I happened upon an article about Earl Rineer. What an inspiring man, still driving (and even training) at 90-years-old – a commitment not made by many.  After  serving in World War II, Rineer served as a police officer, and found time to volunteer for the local fire department as a fire fighter, and for special school bus routes. 

It was 1976 when Rineer became an official school bus driver and in just a few short years he was certified to be a school bus driver trainer.  Having been driving for about 25 years, he had accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and was an inspiration to the younger generations. His son, Jerry Rineer, who is transportation supervisor for Lower Merion School District in Ardmore, Pa., told SBF that his father recently showed him how he stays so fit and able.

“He starts out every morning and ends every day doing push-ups, sit-ups, leg lifts, etc.,” Jerry Rineer said.
My only hope is that I am still able to function at 90!  Exercising may be one of those things I brag to my grandkids about, saying, “Back in my day…we had treadmills in the gym, not [insert whatever new-fangeled device they will have invented by then].” Yes, Rineer has inspired me to not only be more generous in my lifetime but to also stay in shape and dedicate myself to something I love. 
Congratulations on so many years of service and thank you, Earl Rineer, for protecting our country. You are amazing and I’d like to wish you a happy 90th birthday.

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