Back to School!!

Alright public drivers, it’s that time of year again. Time to pay even closer attention to the roads and start spotting those big, bright yellow school buses! I know they are hard to miss, but you are also looking out for all the thousands of children that are going to be riding around on them.

The beginning of school is one of the busiest times for a bus company, mainly because there is always so much to do! About a month before school actually starts is when the start of all the big projects begin, like: making routes, putting together all the kindergarten packets, and double checking that all of the buses and drivers are ready to go!

During the first to second week of school, some of the bus drivers will learn two or even three variations of the same route to make it quicker, easier, or just because a student stop has changed. So many things impact a route and if a child’s route does get changed that parents and their child will help the bus driver make sure that route runs smoothly.

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