Bandannas Attemp to Board

A school bus driver in a Charlotte, NC school bus company had a surprise encounter early last week when a van blocked the bus’s path mid route. Four men, masked by red bandannas, exited the van and approached Bus 112. The first man to reach the bus started to beat on its hood, causing an estimated $100 worth of damage. At the same time a second man attempted to board the school bus by kicking the door in. The driver was able to move around the bus at this point, and returned to school to wait for a new bus to bring the students home. Thankfully, none of the students, or the 23-year-old driver was hurt.

Police believe this happened because the driver was accused of assaulting students on his bus earlier that week, although he was proven to have been falsely accused. The man who was caught claimed that it was an act of protest against the driver’s alleged abuse. Police are still on the lookout for the other three men who were involved.

This article is strangely disturbing to me. I can understand, and am happy that community members would stand against someone else’s wrong deeds. Abusing anyone, let alone students is wrong; I just don’t think that the way they went about doing it was appropriate. Putting all those other students at risk; who knows what they would have done had they been successful in boarding that school bus. Having put those children through such an experience is not something to be taken lightly and should never be done.

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  1. I hope this never happens to me. I am not sure what I would do if this happened to me…
    I am also hoping that something happens to these bandanna people.. they shouldnt be able to do somethig like this and not have any consequences.

  2. I don't understand why people respond so quickly to something so serious. I am just glad to hear the driver responded correctly and no one was hurt.

  3. Not sure how I would handle a situation like this. Very glad no one was hurt and that the police were able to catch one of the four men involved. Glad to hear the bus driver was not abusing any of the students.

  4. Very scary! I hope the other three in bandannas are found and all four are punished for their actions.

  5. It's sad that all people in the education field- drivers, teachers, etc.-have to live in fear of being unjustly accused of a crime and the consequences that can result from it. This is a particularly extreme case.

  6. You're right, abusing anyone, let alone students, is wrong. But this driver was proven innocent, yet these 4 attackers chose to ignore that fact and attack the bus anyway, likely frightening the students onboard more than anything. Genius…

    Great article Haleigh, as always 😉

  7. I feel bad for the students on the bus, can't imagine what was going through their minds. Thankfully no one was hurt.

  8. I can only imagine what must of been going through the minds of the driver & the students. I hope the 4 guys get caught and get the punishment they deserve.

  9. Sorry this happened to that young bus driver besides the students on the bus. Seems odd that what they supposedly saw happened a completely different day and taking matters into their own hands was immature as well as not too smart. Damaging company property is abusive as well.

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