Bullies on the Bus

When a School bus driver looks in their mirror, they see the most important reason to drive safe, the students. Driving a vehicle that is on average 30-40 feet long and 7-8 feet across is a tremendous responsibility; even more so when it is transporting approximately 70 children.

Now, imagine when sitting in the driver’s seat of a bus, you hear shouting coming from behind you, so you look in your mirror. You see two children, one is hitting and the other being hit. The first thing you think to do is say, “Stop!” but they can’t hear you over the noise of the other students. Bringing your eyes back to the road you see a red light, and you nearly drove through it. The potential to make mistakes when your attention is pulled away from the road exists.

Bullying on a school bus is more than dangerous, it can be deadly. The above scenario is from a movie on bullying called “Tears on the Highway.” In the movie, the bus actually goes through the red light and is hit by another vehicle causing severe injuries for many students. Things happen in the bus, just like they happen in every neighborhood and in every lunchroom. Some of what happens is actually bullying. Every year, students are bullied and every year the bullying gets worse.  Drivers can take an active part in preventing bullying by reporting any and every incident. By doing this and other things, to avoid a situation like the one described above.

There are many students on the bus each and every day, so not all incidents are witnessed by the school bus driver. If parents or a child are having a problem, they need to let the driver know.

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