Burn’n Buses…

In the photograph, a burned bus is being hauled away.

One 15-year-old boy in Lafayette, Ind., is being charged for purposely setting a fire that destroyed four Tippecanoe School Corp buses. He pled guilty to one count of arson, and three counts of criminal mischief. He will have spent 90-days in a secure detention facility and will be spending several months at a treatment center for children. His choice cost the Tippecanoe School Corp about $ 425,000.00 in damages.

It is a shame that this one bad choice impacts not only his life, but is going to affect everyone who rides to school on Tippecanoe buses. Losing four school buses is a big deal to a school bus company! In our district, ONE bus used on multiple route sessions, could transport 250 students. Multiplied by four, the loss of those buses affects 1,000 students and their families…in fact, an entire community.

Sometimes people don’t realise how their choices can affect others. What’s worse is that some people don’t care.Next time you make a choice, think about it: how is this going to affect others around me? Will what I do be positive or negative? Finally, ask yourself this: should I be doing this?

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