Bus Routes are Being Cut Across the States

Schools all over the US are getting their budgets cut and reducing school transportation. This means that parents and students are learning that school buses aren’t stopping for them this year, and to most, that is a big shock.

In Grand Junction, Colorado the new walking distances have been extended so that elementary students will receive transportation only if they are more than 2 miles away or are in a hazardous zone. For the middle and high school students they will need to live more then 3 miles away.

At Hoglund’s our main change is that grades 10,11, and 12 will need to request transportation if they need it or they will need to find a different way to get to school. Not bad since almost none of those students ride the bus anyway.

There are so many examples of these changes and it is unfortunate to know that the schools are so short on money that they cannot afford to pay for transportation anymore. This affects so many people: the transportation companies, their employees, the students, and their parents, along with so many others.

School is a huge part of growing up and knowing that you, or your children are arriving safely makes for a good year. School buses are repeatedly proven to be the safest way to get children to school and the thought that they are being taken away from the children is just too sad.

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