Bus Seat Damage

Bus Seat Damage is an on-going problem.
Why are students making holes in the seat covers?
Why are they making the holes bigger and bigger?
Why are they taking the foam padding out of the seats?
We need a cure for this problem! It’s expensive and potentially dangerous. If there’s no padding in a seat designed to cushion students in an accident, how can they be cushioned?
I do not believe the damage is done by students with evil intentions. But the students inflicting the damage are clearly not demonstrating respect for the bus either.
I think parents can help us with our bus seat damage problem.
Talk to students about their bus. Remind them that the bus is designed to be a safe environment; it’s actually the second safest form of ground transportation (second only to elevators, incidentally). Ask them to respect the bus.
I’ve heard some interesting parent perspectives when I’ve sent bills for bus seat damage to students. Keep this one fact in mind: students do not have the right to damage bus seats if transportation is funded by tax dollars!
Safe Driving!

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