The Driver and the Eclipse

Schools across the nation went and edited their days so the eclipse that happens once every hundred years or so in our region could be accounted for!

A wide range of things occurred that day. Driver of most companies stayed off the road to ensure safety, schools altered their days to reflect half days, cancellations,  and celebrations!

One such celebration invited the schools drivers to their events! Come county schools near Atlanta invited their drives to the viewing and insisted that so long as the routes were on time there was more then enough eclipse to go around!

Chattanooga: New Charges for Walker!


Walker, who drove and crashed a school bus in Chattanooga Tennessee last November is facing new charges in his trial.

Acording to reports Walker faces six counts of vehicular homicide, charges of reckless aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, reckless driving and using a portable electronic device as a bus driver.

He is a deplorable example of what a school bus driver should be like. We put all of our trust I the people who bring our children to school for us everyday and he leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

There is further talk that he may not face any jail if he  receives alternative judgement such as probation with a community service time.

I hope for the charges to all stick and letting this man anywhere near a moving vehicle should never be allowed!

DATTCO Driver Saves Student

DATTCO is a family run business that puts safety first!

While school bus driver Randy Kronick was driving his usual route, DATTCO safety procedures allowed him to be prepared for the worst. Thanks to such procedures he was able to save the life of one of his young female students.

When it came time for this female student to disembark from the school bus a speeding SUV broke the law when it failed to stop for the buses flashing lights and extended stop sign. In doing so, it nearly hit the student who was saved due to Kronick’s quick thinking and reflexes while pulling the student out of the way.

No word yet on if the driver of the SUV has been caught. High praises to Kronick and the safety procedures insisted upon by DATTCO! Way to go!

Minnesota Hosts First School Bus Driver Appreciation Day!

Hats off to Minnesota school bus drivers on the 22nd of February!

Driving school bus has long been undersold as a possible career choice. While it may not be as fancy or upscale as some professions, it is at least twice as important! These people who are constantly under appreciated are finally receiving a small piece of recognition! It is not nearly enough when you consider that these citizens have dedicated their lives to making sure that our children are transported in the safest manner to school and back home.

Minnesota Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius said,“School bus drivers are often the first person a student interacts with every morning, and the last person they see from school in the afternoon.” The state will be hosting a press conference near the capital in the drivers honor. Several driver’s will be in attendance! Students are encouraged to send cards to their drivers to express their appreciation.

I hope to see more states following in Minnesota’s foot steps in the next few months or years!