Crashes on the decline?

From California and Oregon all the way over to Ohio, school bus accidents are decreasing!

In California we are seeing a 10% decrease in crashes, going from 2,091 to 1,878 school bus crashes. Only five of the crashes resulted in fatalities, none of which were passengers on board the buses. In the same year, school bus activity increased by 5%. Isn’t it just amazing how the bus accidents go down as their activity goes up?!

In Oregon, Salem-Keizer’s transportation has reduced their accidents by an overwhelming 25%! This is accredited to their convincing the school to change bell times. All so that the bus while not be involed with as much day to day traffic as it was before.

In Ohio there was also a 25% drop in accidents! They attribute this drop to having better driver training and management practices. Their state director mentions them having summer training indepth perception as a main goal to improve upon for future years!

I would like to congratulate all three states in successfully decreasing their accidents and making school buses even safer!

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