Driver Trapped Under Bus

At Hood River, OR., school bus driver was trapped under her bus this week. While driving students to school Meridith Cole felt something was off with her bus. After pulling off the road, she went to check on a possible broken tire chain. While inspecting the chain, the school bus slipped on the ice and Cole was stuck underneath it. It took around fifty minutes, and the help of Hood River County Sheriff’s Office, Odell Fire Department and Oregon State Police troopers to save Cole.

The driver was transported to the hospital and is doing well. The four students on board were not injured and were able to be switched to another bus and brought to school where their parents were called.

This is just a reminder to be careful while driving in this Minnesota-harsh winter weather. There is ice and snow coating the roads, so be sure your vehicle is okay to drive before leaving home. In case of a possible break down, try to keep these items either with you or in your vehicle.

  1. A cell phone
  2. Warm clothes/blanket
  3. Tool kit
  4. Something to do while you wait to be towed 🙂

The last one is optional, but also recommended. Also, try to stay in your vehicle if you can. It will keep you warmer, and it’s an overall more safe environment for the situation you’re in. Have fun playing in the snow, and remember to drive safe!

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