Five Girls, Two Boys, and ONE Victim

A 13-year-old girl (who remains unidentified) was beaten while on her bus in OCALA, FL. The assailants, ranging in age from twelve to fifteen-years-old, attacked the girl while she was looking for a seat. A shoe was thrown at the girl, and when she threw it back, the seven students climbed over seats and other passengers to get to her. She was brought to the hospital where authorities say she was beaten multiple times. She was treated for a concussion, muscle spasms and a serious head bruise. She has been released from the hospital and is currently recuperating at home.
When the driver noticed the attack, he stopped the bus, and the fight stopped. As he resumed the route, the fight started again. Unable to stop the fight, the driver reported the incident to school officials, who then called the police. When the police arrived the children were arrested and charged with felony battery and disorderly conduct.

Judge Frances King decided to release the seven (who the prosecutor said had no prior arrests) to their parents or guardians, and place them on home detention. They are not allowed to contact the other offenders or the victim. All of the students, including the victim, attend Liberty Middle School, and at least one of the seven attackers has been suspended from both school and the bus.

I cringe when I come across stories like this. Violence, malice and pain are things that should never be experienced while on a school bus because the bus should be a place where students don’t feel threatened. Best wishes for the injured girl, and I hope that this incident does not keep her from school or school buses for long. As for the other seven, I can only hope that they learned their lesson.

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  1. It seems to me that the driver should have done one of two things after the fight first broke out. After stopping, which was the right thing to do, he should have moved the girl being attacked to the very front of the bus, if he thought that would take care of the problem. If he had any idea that this would not stop the attacks, he should have called the police after the first incident.

  2. This is very sad and I hope the students that were involved learned something from this incident! I also hope that if this driver is ever placed in a similar situation they'd handle things differently.

  3. He resumed the route? I feel lucky to have the support of our office and shop staff who wouldn't want me to continue a route after a fight broke out but instead have the perpetrators removed from the bus. I think this could have been prevented.

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