Happy Thanksgiving!

I Know you are all excited to gather your families and race to Grandma’s table, but I would just like to remind you that it’s winter and the roads are bound to be covered in snow. Remember to take your time if you are leaving home; I’m sure that if you give a Grandma a call she’ll make Grandpa wait to carve.

Here are some tips for driving in snow and ice.

  • Decrease your speed and leave yourself plenty of room to stop.
  • Brake gently to avoid skidding. If your wheels start to lock up, ease off the brake.
  • Turn on your lights to increase your visibility to other motorists.
  • Keep your lights and windshield clean.
  • Use low gears to keep traction, especially on hills.
  • Don’t use cruise control or overdrive on icy roads.
  • Don’t assume your vehicle can handle all conditions. Even four-wheel and front-wheel drive vehicles can encounter trouble on winter roads.

Just keep these simple tips in mind whenever you have to drive in less then optimal conditions. Remember, even though Mr. Turkey doesn’t seem to mind the snowy weather, you should.

Thank You,


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