Heros on the Bus!

Over the last few years, certain people’s courage is still inspiring and they deserve to be recognized for it.

-Kim Dahl:  she was the driver of the school bus that teetered on the edge of a bridge. She stayed alone on the bus, holding it in place while all the student and chaperons exited the bus. That included her then ten-year-old daughter and five-year-old son, who exited just before their mother, and after everyone else had. From that incident she received a broken back; still she saved everyone on that bus, and she lived to see more days too.

-Susan Swartwood:  she was driving the bus when a student alerted her that another student was having a seizure. Being a registered nurse, she went back and instructed a junior to help lower the girl onto the floor. The driver put a pillow under the girl’s head and told the student that had alerted her to use the radio to contact the bus garage. The student provided the location, updates on the girl’s condition and asked for an ambulance. While this was going on another student was directing traffic from inside the back of the bus.

-Sherman:  she was driving her bus on a two-lane road while a truck hauling timber on the other side of the road was getting closer. She noticed the log shift just as the truck was about to pass. The log then fell off the trailer and crashed through the bus windshield, striking Sherman in the face and breaking her jaw, also causing some spinal damage. Even after that happened she still managed to drive the bus to the side of the road, put on the brake, and wait for a co-worker to arrive before passing out. The first thing she spoke of when she awoke in the hospital were the students, and only one student was slightly injured by the glass.

There are so many awesome people who have done some amazing, and selfless things involving a school bus, we commend each and every one who drives a school bus for their dedication to safety.

Thank you,

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