Hoglund’s Heros Issue 1!!!!

This is a copy of the very first issue of Hoglund’s Heros!!!

Hoglund’s Heros is a weekly newsletter made by Rachel and it incorporates all things happening in and around Hoglund! There is a calendar section, an employee assignment section, rule of the week and weekly meetings! I know I am a little biased on this, but my favorite part is the exerpt about our blog!

Unfortunately we will only be posting these little pictures of the issues and you will not be able to read the whole thing. The good news is that I will be pulling out the highlights for you!

For this weeks meeting we discussed our idling policy, discipline, pre-trips, our communication forms and how they work, and our time and mileage reports! Not a bad way to kick off our first meeting of the year!

Thank You,

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