Illegal Passing is a Problem!!!

When a school bus is stopped, lights are flashing, and the stop arm is extended, all vehicles MUST stop as well! There are students leaving the bus, and some will be crossing the road. Keep your eyes open and be aware of what’s going on.

Each year students are injured while entering or exiting the school bus. This is a problem that can be very easily fixed if everyone would stop and pay attention. Over the last forty years about eleven students are hit a year, on average, by vehicles that ignore the warning lights and the stop arm on buses.  That is eleven too many!

In all seriousness, passing a stopped bus isn’t only dangerous, it’s illegal. Drivers will be given a ticket. The bus drivers are told to report any vehicle that passes them with their stop arm out when they return from route. We then take the plate numbers and hand them over to the police. We don’t like people getting traffic violations, but we like it even less when the students are in danger.

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