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This story is sorrowful and yet the survivors and the families of those that were lost have taken this tragic event and turned it into some of the most powerful experiences that have affect our nation as a whole. The crash in Carrolton, Ky on May 14th 1988 is a compounded memory for all involved. The terror of the crash, the fight for survival and the bravery they had to recover is a heart wrenching tale that must be told and retold over and over. From one mans ignorant choice a country has mourned and countless changes have been initiated. Those changes being one of the few positive things to come from this event.

The bus had just refueled, the students and chaperons were starting to settle down after a day of excitement. No one thought that a vehicle would be going the wrong way, no one thought they would be so thoroughly encased in fire, and no one thought that so many would be lost. When that car hit the barely protected fuel tank on that old bus, flames shot down the side. A survivor, Jason Booher, remembers this scene vividly, “Chuck, the youth director of the church that sponsored the trip, was sitting in the stairwell, so he stood up, and he was immediately engulfed in flames. He yelled out, “Lord, I’m coming home!” That was unbelievable, to witness something like that.”. At the time of the crash Booher was a mere 13 years old and recalls this event in horrific details.

<p>In addition to serving as assistant principal at Holmes High School in Covington, Ky., Booher is the school’s head boys basketball coach.</p>
Pictured above is Jason Booher a survivor of the 1988 Carrolton crash.

From there the bus which was meant filled to the brim with people and bags and coolers, collapsed into a panicked frenzy. The only exit remaining was the one in the back of the school bus sine the front was engulfed in flames. Everyone scrambled from their seats, piling up on top of each other in a brutal race towards freedom and safety. Sadly only 40 of the original 67 made it off of that bus. A rough 8 or so made it with only smoke inhalation as their injuries. The rest had severe burns, multiple skin graphs and weeks to spend in the hospital. Visual reminders will forever scar them and become a permanent reminder of that night so long ago, of that horror.

This production will show a tragedy and will show how these family, this town, our nation is working to overcome it. The good and the bad side affects from this crash will be sharing in stark details and as  raw memories from the survivors. Take the time to watch this film and think about the impact it has had. This is the link to the movie’s site, click here. The link to the story is here.

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