In the Danger Zone

In the image above is an overview of the danger zone surrounding a school bus.

The danger zone is an area where either the bus driver is unable to clearly see the student or where the student is not clearly visible to a passing vehicle. This area is to be avoided as much as possible. The name “Danger Zone” is used just to make people aware of the possible risks
and to remind people to be careful.

One woman, school bus driver Gloria Buley, thought that she could lessen the risk of the danger zone by adding an extra mirror to buses. This mirror allowed the drivers to see roughly fifteen feet more in the danger zone! Also, to deter other motor vehicles from passing on the right, there is a stop sign on the back of the mirror. This mirror folds out when the school bus door is opened, and has a quick release for emergency situations.  More has been done with mirror design to continue improvements since then as we continue to be aware of those “danger zones”.


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