JAK’s Journey


14 Headaches

Staying compliant - and proving - compliance offers headaches to managers across the country. JAK helps with 14 of the 15 biggest "headaches."

  1. Driver Qualification Files
  2. Driver Training and Evaluation
  3. Driver Health/Attendance
  4. Efficacy of CDL Unit/Driver Licensing Depts
  5. Student Safety Training
  6. Student Discipline Management/Parent Contact
  7. Pre-Trip Inspection
  8. Vehicle Record-Keeping
  9. Route Efficiencies and Cost-Factoring
  10. Consistent Stop Evaluation
  11. Stop Arm Violations
  12. Crash Investigation/Insurance Reporting
  13. Staying Current and Compliant with State/Federal Mandates
  14. Bid/Quote/Negotiation Processes
  15. Caliber of the Applicant

The one thing technology cannot resolve is the caliber of the applicant walking through the front door. JAK will help determine whether that person is qualified to drive a school bu and will monitor that person's behavior once he or she is behind the wheel.


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01 Unspoken Sorrow Cover

Unspoken Sorrow: Whispers From a Broken Heart

Unspoken Sorrow: Whispers From a Broken Heart recounts the story of the school bus accident that occurred in Monticello (MN) on April 10th, 1997.

Read about how the terrible tragedy changed people's lives dramatically. At the end of the book, learn about the birth of JAK. This product changes the way our industry responds to catastrophic events, improves daily function, and increases student safety based on what we learned in the aftermath of that April 1997 crash.

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Unspoken Sorrow: Whispers From a Broken Heart - Amazon

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