Mother Boards School Bus with Intent

Rebecca Sardoni and Stephanie Sardoni illegally boarded a  Toms River Regional School Bus last Friday morning and then proceed to assault two children . The driver of the bus (who remains anonymous) stated that Sardoni boarded the bus at her daughters stop and used vulgar language to describe an incident involving  Rebecca’s daughter and Stephanie’s Grand daughter. From there Rebecca called out “who is Vinny?”.  A boy near the rear of the bus supposedly raised his hand. After which Rebecca Sardoni went to the 9 year old boy and slapped him without saying another word. She hit him so hard that his face smashed into a school bus window. The boys had to be taken to the hospital for treatment for a busted lip and neck injuries.

Pictured above is Rebecca Sardoni.

Rebecca Sardoni call the school on Thursday night to voice her complaint about her daughter being bullied. Together the school official and Rebecca decided that the students mentioned would be spoken to by the school after the bus dropped them off on Friday morning. What these two woman did was illegal and ill founded. Not to mention unreasonably aggressive. To swear and use violence in front of children ranging from the ages of 5-10 years old is beyond my comprehension. These two woman should be down right ashamed of them selves. Even if the boy had been guilty of bullying her daughter, which he wasn’t, using physical force is never the right way to discipline a child in that situation.

Sardoni has been charged with and arrested for the following; simple assault, criminal trespass and terroristic threats.  Stephanie was charged with Criminal Trespass. The school also stated that this was not the first run-in with this parent. All this because she boarded the bus looking to take her daughters bullying matters into her own hands. The boy she hit was not a part of her daughters bullying, she made a mistake and now she will have to pay for acting in such and unreasonable and irresponsible manner. She will also need to live with the fact that she has hurt an innocent child and that above all is unforgivable.

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