National Walk to School Day!

The above picture shows Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Walking to School.

National Walk to School Day was held on October 5Th this year and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Federal Highway Administrator Victor Mendez Joined students on their walks!
This event has a completely positive effect on not only the students but also on the environment! For the students, it helps wake up their minds and prepare them for the school day, while giving them a way to be active and healthy. For the environment, it cuts back on general emissions and traffic congestion.
Did you know that walking and/or biking to school is second place (right behind riding the big yellow bus) in safest way to get to or from school? It is kind of surprising to think of it that way since so many kids either drive themselves or are dropped off by a parent. All those extra vehicles, leads to traffic and people rushing to get to school on time thus creating more opportunities for accident to happen.
School buses are by far the safest way for students to go to school, but when the next National Walk to School Day rolls around…I hope to see many more people on the sidewalk!
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