New Kjellberg West Stop!!

To all families who reside within Kjellbergs West: we have changed the bus stop. The new stop is located on the driveway to the east of the office. All students are required to be at the bus stop before the bus arrives! Bikes are to be left against the fence, and parents need to park a safe distance away.

In the transportation industry it is irresponsible to place a stop in the same place just because it has been there for years. New factors can arise at the bus stop, making it unsafe or unreasonable to leave it where it was. Seeing as there have been multiple incidents at the old stop, and adding in other factors, the change was the best choice we could make for everyone.

During drop-off in the afternoon all student are required to stay at the bus stop until the bus has left. That means not going to the bikes, or a parent’s car until the bus has left the street. This is all for the child’s safety.

The above diagram shows the Kjellbergs stop, which is marked with a red X. At the stop there are yellow lines painted on the road, marking where students are expected to wait for the bus.

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