Next Week’s Lunch Plan

Every year for the last several, we have been offering our bus drivers and helpers lunch during the first week and a day of school.

It’s been successful!

During our Healthy Workplace initiatives, we started offering a healthy morning breakfast consisting of apples and bananas.  Our employees really enjoy the bananas.  This year we are adding individual serving sizes of raisins and nuts too.  A driver with good training, a good night’s sleep, and a good morning breakfast is a better driver, and we’re happy to promote driver health.

Our lunch menu’s aren’t quite as healthy as our breakfasts, but they do accomplish the goal of feeding people who can experience increased stress and tension during the first week of school.  The full-time staff also appreciates the opportunity to catch a bite when it’s too busy to get out of the office.

This year’s menu is complete and the bus driver’s first online assignment will be to stop at the blog, review the menu, and RSVP.

Here’s the good(ie)s!

2012-13 Free Breakfast Menu
Apples and Bananas, Raisins, and Nuts
First Week of 2012-2013 Free Lunch Menu
Tuesday, September 4
Pizza Party
Fruit & Veggie Tray
Wednesday, September 5
Make-Your-Own Sandwiches with Chips
Fruit Tray
Thursday, September 6
Rancho Grande Caters!
Chicken & Beef Tacos
Beans, Rice, and Chips with Salsa
Friday, September 7
Make-Your-Own Sandwiches with Chips
Monday, September 10
KFC Chicken and Fries
Fruit & Veggie Tray

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