Now Entering…. October!

We feel like we blinked — and lost September!

As a bus operations director, every year at this time we paused to review the start of the school year. We generally post a massive piece of paper somewhere in the office for a week or ten days. Our staff has the opportunity to make notes about what we need to improve or change so next year’s opening week is better. We save the notes from year to year and review them at the end of July to make sure we don’t forget anything important. It’s a very effective system.

This year our list is very brief:

  1. Create a driver “Help Desk” during the first week and have one staff person dedicated to resolving driver issues and process driver requests.
  2. Color code bus tags at elementary schools and put matching colors above seats to populate a rudimentary seating system.
  3. Create a student registration deadline so more parents update addresses and daycare information prior to Open Houses next year.
  4. Add special needs vehicle parking to our parking diagrams for the special needs drivers.

Use one box for each school. All changes and corrections go in the box. That school’s helper will have all the changes at route time when heading to the school to assist with pm loading.
This list, my friends, is much, much shorter than it’s ever been.

Our goal for next year? We’d like to be able to put all “For Next Year” suggestions on a post it note.

Safe Driving!


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