Oh That Nasty Language!

We continue to experience nasty language on secondary buses.

Please encourage your students to use appropriate language while riding the bus, including when they ride for sports and activities.

Bus drivers have a difficult time “catching” students using inappropriate language.  The bus design contributes to the problem; the engine is usually just to the right of the bus driver and the acoustic ceilings draw noise up and away from the driver to the ceiling of the bus (important for bus drivers trying to hear traffic and train noises outside the bus).  Generally, older students sit in the rear of the bus, and, generally, older students have the least regard for appropriate language.

When your student is having a problem or feeling stressed by the language or conversation on the bus, address it.  While there may be some difficulty simply executing a discipline referral for misbehavior when the bus driver has not witnessed the behavior, still it’s important to take a report and submit it for additional assistance.

Safe Driving!

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