Oh What a Great Way to Start the Day!

Getting a child excited about learning and going to school can be the trickiest part of a parent’s day, even more so as the students get older. I, for one, am never very happy to leave my warm covers only to get into a cold vehicle. Although knowing that a warm school bus, a happy driver, and some trivia from Dennis Stricker would make any morning much better!
Pictured above is Dennis Stricker unloading his school bus at school.

Dennis is a bus driver in Mendota Heights, MN, and has been driving for about ten years. Over the last two years he has started to ask the students a trivia question when they board the bus. It all started when he had a question one morning. When he didn’t find an answer, he asked the students. They didn’t have an answer that morning, but they did when they reboarded the bus that night. From then on he would ask them questions on science, math, history, geography and more.

Since the first adult many students see is their driver, Dennis went above and beyond what was asked of him to form a connection with his riders. This also allows the students to get into a learning mindset before the school day even starts! I admit that these kinds of stories are my favorite to read and learn about. It just makes me genuinely happy to see how much people care about what goes on around them, and how something they do can have such a positive impact on someone else’s day!

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