On Crossing the Street

Statistics do not predict. They report. That’s an important difference.

That said, Spring school bus fatality statistics alarm me every year. The most common time for a school bus to hit one of its riders is in the Spring.
There are all kinds of theories about why Spring is so dangerous.
While it’s important for us to know and appreciate those theories, we believe our energy is best spent teaching drivers and students to be safe outside the school bus.
Key to safe crossing? Visual contact between a bus driver and a student!
We teach our students to watch for the driver’s “Thumbs UP.” We teach our students to return the “Thumbs UP” so the driver knows the student is an active participant in his or her own safety.
During school bus safety training, we tell our kids the “Safe Crossing with Safety Sam” story. The story’s a little bit lame and the pictures are very dated. We keep using it because it accomplishes our goal.

Here’s the story:

We desperately desire new artwork.
Safe Driving!

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