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Below is an Amazon review of Kari Hoglund Kounkel’s book Unspoken Sorrow: Whispers From a Broken Heart. Kari is the creator and founder of JAK the App. The book tells her story of the tragic school bus accident in Monticello, MN in 1997. For more information about the book, visit or Unspoken Sorrow Kindle Version . Please share your thoughts on the book.

on April 13, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
The author provides an account of a community’s tragic bus accident from a perspective not many would ever get the opportunity to know about. I found this perspective interesting. The author had an administrative position with the bus company with a professional role to fulfill and yet also had a human side that she had to attempt to deal with. She too, was a member of the Monticello, MN community having been born and raised there. It’s wasn’t an easy task to separate the two roles in her life and this book explains things from her perspective. Regulations, advice from legal counsel and pending insurance issues prohibited her from discussing the details of the bus accident. Many will not understand what the author had to endure under these circumstances and she is sharing her side of the story. There is understanding within these pages. The book is only 78 pages but the information adds light to a tragic event that is very difficult to process or understand. For many, the emotional traumas of this bus accident will be life long.
Unspoken Sorrow is a story known at one point by the country. Kari brings forth her side, a view point left untold. Her sorrow left unspoken is what has driven her to become all that she is today and will result in an industry changing application. I take the voices remarking on her experience seriously and in turn they are supporting her and her right to finally, after 20 years of near silence, speak.


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