Run Away Bus is Stopped

Two moms and a third grader stopped a runaway bus on Monday morning. The driver was pulling up to a stop and had a seizure–resulting in the bus rolling by and continuing down the road. Rhonda Carlsen’s daughter pointed out that the bus driver looked strange. Carlsen then started running after the bus while another mom called 911.

Rhonda Carlsen is pictured above.

While running alongside the school bus, Carlsen was able to see that the driver was having some kind of problem. As she was trying to pry the door open, she noticed the students frightened faces, then making eye contact with a 3rd grader. Carlsen motioned for the student to release the door’s lock. When the door opened, she immediately jumped on board. Reaching first for the buses steering wheel, then pushing the break to the floor, and finally turning off the buses ignition.

Carlsen later talked about how happy she was that this incident did not happen on a busy street, but in their quiet neighborhood. No students were hurt, and the driver is in the hospital. The driver’s family says that his first concern upon waking up was his student’s safety.

Applause is given to the two parents and the third grade boy for saving the day. We at Hoglund Transportation would also like to congradulate them as well! Good job for staying safe and thinking fast!
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