Safety Matters!

When riding the school bus, a few rules need to be followed; ten, to be exact. None of them are hard or tricky; in fact, most of them are just common sense! Here at Hoglund Transportation we have a system in place that rotates our ten main school bus rules every week. The rules get posted in the buses, in the office, and online! It’s a new school year and we have new designs for our rules but the message each one sends will remain the same.

Here are our top ten rules:
1. Listen to the driver.
2. If it doesn’t fit in your backpack, it doesn’t belong on the bus.
3. No electronics of any kind can be used while on board.
4. Hands need to be kept to yourself.
5. When waiting for a bus to pick you up, stand back far enough to see the whole bus.
6. There is no pushing or playing while waiting for, or boarding, the bus.
7. Everything that boards the bus stay in the bus when its moving, including limbs and trash.
8. Always remain seated and facing forward, talking only in quiet voices.
9. Students must wait for the “THUMBS UP” sign and return it before crossing the road.
10. When waiting for the bus, make sure you are in a safe place, and easily visible to the driver.

Everything students need to do to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride are follow the rules and listen to anything the school or bus driver requires them to do. Have a great rest of your summer and we look forward to seeing you on September 4th!

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