School Buses are Fighting for Their Riders Saftey

Deltona Florida did something I think is truly amazing on this Wednesday, April 11th. The Sheriff’s Department and the Volusia County school district teamed up in a county wide safety enforcement operation to ensure students are able to be transported safely. In one day, eight people were ticketed for passing a stopped school bus, 25 people were ticketed for speeding while another 40 people were ticketed for other miscellaneous violations. There was also someone who was driving with a suspended license. That’s pretty impressive and extremely sad.
From my understanding of the article, (which can be read if you click on this post’s title) the unmarked cars were placed in areas where school buses were active and reports of unsafe driving had been made. What I mean to say is that school buses are big and bright yellow making them very hard to miss so there is no excuse for not stopping, or no reason to drive carelessly around one. There are children on board or in the immediate area. Slow down, stop, and be aware of what is around you.
The goal was to educate the public. I would love to have our buses watched for a day and see what happens. Would we have as many violations of the law? Are there still people that are unaware that passing a stopped bus with re lights flashing and stop arm extended is illegal? What I want to know most though, is if the people who were stopped would pass again if the opportunity arises?
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  1. yes i do think people would still pass a stopped bus again. People seem to have an i don t care attitude. They want to do what they want when they want.

  2. I agree with you completely Bryan. I hope we can do something like this as well! To the other comment I simply wish to say you were wrong but I know that people will not change how they act just because of a ticket.

  3. Haleigh. I have been reading your blog posts for an hour. You are awesome! I love your thoughts and comments and excitement. Keep up the good work. We will discuss the grammar and punctuation another day…
    Love you, chica!

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