Securing the School Bus!

School Bus Fleet published an article in their April/May 2017 edition that flushed out 5 ways to aid in preparing for some of the scariest situations that could occur on a school bus.

The first situation depicts a hostile boarding the school bus.

These are scary, hard to tackle, and near unthinkable situations. Having your school bus boarded by anyone is unacceptable. A good result is having them leave before they are even fully boarded; a bad result ends in someone seriously hurt. I have read too many stories about parents having boarded their child’s school bus. They always have a reason and no matter the outcome it is always the same, “I was protecting my child”. The parent may not board with violent intentions and often they do it out of love and fear for their own child. But, they are blind to how they are putting every other child at risk by doing so.

I believe that JAK may aid in such a situation. JAK puts high emphasis on training and awareness! Awareness not just for the driver, but also for parents and their children. I believe that having prior knowledge of outcomes and how such a situation affects everyone involved would prompt the parents to take a different approach. At least, I hope it might. JAK would also be able to alert the parents of the other children involved and the school. The report would easily come together and the mess of such a situation can be minimized.

A parent who boards is different from an assailant. If a school bus is boarded by someone with ill intentions diffusion is still the first step, but talking about the situation may not be enough. School Bus Fleet suggests that the school district or school bus company run field exercises with professionals. This may not be a realistic suggestion based on the cost.

Regardless of what we do, this type of thing happens. It is scary, hard to tackle, and so darn near unthinkable that we often shove it to the far reaches of our minds! I don’t agree with leaving a driver ill prepared, and I know that knowledge is power. JAK aims to provide its users with both! With our focus on gathering and presenting information in effective and efficient formats, JAK is set to change the school bus industry. In doing so, we aim to reduce the risks of being unprepared.

JAK is the future, and he is here.

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