Sidney Driver Saves Choking Boy!!!

While driving on May 1st  Nathan Philbrick thought it was just going to be another run of the mill route, he was wrong. With only two pick-ups remaining before he reached the school he noticed a girl calling out on the bus. He was thinking she was just going to have some sort of silly announcement until he looked at her face. From her expression he knew something serious was happening and that he needed to take action.

The little girl was pointing across from her at a little boy who she had just boarded the school bus with. The boy was grasping at his thought and was silently crying. At that moment he safely stopped the bus and went to the boy. As a mandatory regulation by his employer, Philbrick was well aware of how to perform the Heimlich maneuver in the proper way. Shortly after starting a piece of candy was dislodged from the boys throat  and sent flung across the bus.

Thanks to this drivers attentiveness to his pass angers this little boy was able to be saved. Both Driver and the little girl who pointed the boy out are to be given awards for their respective rolls in saving this little boys life.

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