Simply an Astounding Generousity

In Portland, Oregon school bus drivers are delivering Christmas presents and cheer to families in need. Starting a few years back a group of drivers wanted to do something for the less fortunate families in the district and they can up with this amazingly generous plan. First they have the families and young mothers place theirs and their child’s need on a “giving tree”. Then each driver adopted families and underage mothers. The mothers all got a hat and scarf or mittens while the children got warm clothes or a toy. For families the drivers supplied 3 presents per child. Simply astounding.

To watch a short clip on it click here.

In total the drivers have adopted over 200 children! That is a life changing event for those children and families in need. As a parent I couldn’t even begin to express my gratitude for someone who made Christmas a possibility for my children. Some people are willing to go above and beyond for others and that is what we strive for here at Hoglund Transportation. Compliance is an obligation; Excellence is a choice.

Happy Holidays and Safe Driving to all!
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  1. what a great idea out of Portland They made a great many families very happy We need to do more of this for people in need.

  2. Thanks to our new self improvement program-13 in 13-we will be keeping a donation box in Hoglund Transportations office. The box will change charity programs monthly. The first month our donations will be going to the food shelf! To the community as well, we welcome you to drop off donations in our office. The chosen charity will be posted on our Facebook page each month, or you can call us to find out!

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