Student Drives School Bus into a House!

Down in South Carolina a town known as Allendale is changing their school bus policy because of an incident that occurred on Thursday. After school a 19-year-old special education student was upset after being told he needed to go home and was not able to watch the other students play sports. After a verbal fight, the student ran away from his adult attendant and towards a bus. The bus was empty and the student found the spare key, started the bus, and drove off.

He made it about four miles before crashing into a house. Fortunately, only minor injuries were caused to the student and house’s resident. Investigations are still underway as to whose fault it is, and as to whether or not the student will need to be charged with anything. The new school bus policy states that no bus, in use (without a driver present) or parked at base, will ever have its keys left in it.

It is unfortunate that most problems, as unlikely as some of them are, only occur to us or are fixed after an incident has happened.

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