Vandalism on the rise?!

Over the past few months I have come across an astonishing amount of articles about vandalism happening in school bus yards. It is also surprising to me that minors are responsible for almost every one I read about. The damages vary between cases and so does the severity of the crimes, ranging from a broken yard gate to whole buses being destroyed!

Sometimes things are stolen from the buses but they look to be intact, I think those are the most dangerous vandalism.  It is a good thing that it is a law that drivers have to do pre-trip check before the bus leaves the yard.   For a vandalism example, read this.
I personally do not get why anyone would damage a school bus or break into a bus yard. Taking a joy ride in a school bus is a little suspicious in the middle of summer. They are also a bit trickier to drive so most of the time the joy riders crash them and end up injuring themselves and destroying the school bus, thats a lose-lose situation if you ask me. 
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