We Have an Impact on our Students!

One student in New York gained the will to succeed after speaking to her school bus driver after having a rather rough day at school. Ken Boisvert was the driver of Destynee Duncan, (who is now graduated)when she boarded the school bus one day after school and said that she was never going back. Duncan said that the state tests they administer in New York to all students, had been too hard and she had felt that she had performed them badly.

Pictured above is Boisvert and Duncan.

 It was at this time that Boisvert decided to step in and talk with the student about how important it is to finish school and graduate. He explained to Duncan that it is hard to succeed in our society without having your diploma. He is right of coarse seeing as very few places will hire anyone who isn’t in school and did not graduate. That being said Boisvert told Duncan his story, expressing at one point that if he was able to finish she should be able to as well.

Duncan did go back to school. She did graduate, it was Boisvert that she invited to the ceremony. It is also him that she thanks and credit with her return and successful finish.

School bus drivers can be the best part of every students morning or the most influential person in a moment.  Here at Hoglund transportation we strive to let the students have a safe ride but we also want to offer them a trustworthy adult who is ready and willing to help to the best of their abilities. To Ken Boisvert, I say he did an amazing job and deserves to be recognized as an outstanding member of the school bus community.

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