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I know that to some people what you are about to read might be a bit of a shocker but it must be read! Hoglund Transportation is not the only company we run. There is still U-Save Auto Rental, Ninety-Four Services, Attic Mini Storage, and our latest addition A+ Taxi! Are you ready for the run-down?

U-Save Auto Rental is a car and van rental business that is (and I know I’m a bit biased) friendliest and most convenient rental place in town. We offer a variety of vehicles to choose from and have both walk-in service and reservations. Plus you can go online to our website and print a coupon for a discount; you can even make your reservation there! Also online is our vehicle listings and what they cost to rent. If you ever need a rental just click here and we will be more then happy to help you out!

Ninety-Four Services 94 Services Inc. is a C-Corp, initially incorporated in 1970 to function as an over-the-road trucking operation and vehicle dealership.  Ambulance sales and service were added to the company’s roster of services in 1991, and we added Life Line products in 1992.  94 Services Inc. is sister company to a second C-Corp, Hoglund Transportation, Inc., incorporated by the same ownership in 1947.  Currently all sales and service are conducted by Joe Kounkel or his designee.  Joe has been employed by the company since 1987, and was the first ambulance salesman employed by 94 Services Inc.  Both the company and Joe are dedicated to providing the best service possible at all times, which is why “Service is in our Name.”  More information is available to customers, and all customers and potential customers are welcome to visit our organization at any time.  Four references are available as an attachment, and more references can be provided upon request

Attic Mini Storage is a storage facility located right down the road from our office making it quick and easy to use! This company has been under new management as of early April and is currently in the process of being renovated. We are Fixing the gate, adding cameras and many more exciting things!  Click here to look at our new web site for pricing contacting our office and updates as they happen!

A+Taxi is our newest company and is also being run out of our main office. This is an, as you guessed, taxi company. Where all you have to do is call and we come and get you! All our drivers are experienced and undergo background checks. For more info check out our website here. We await your call!

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  1. Great blog idea, considering there are still many people who didn't realize these companies are affiliated with Hoglund.

  2. I bet a lot of people will be suprised how many different companies we have running out of this building. I didn't know there was a car rental here until I started working here.

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